Carer's Corner

As a Carer you may feel alone, but not anymore! We are aiming to be a voice for those who, are feeling isolated.


Are you a Carer? Would you like to feel part of something?


Then we may be able to help, by offering the following:


  • social meetings, events and activities.
  • being a soundboard, listening and offering understanding.
  • forming friendships with like minded people. 
  • advice and information.
  • sharing experiences.


There will be a chance for us Carer's to meet separately, however we as Carer's Understand that it is not straight forward or easy for that matter.


So we will be running a Carer's Chill Out session once a week, the location and time to be confirmed in due course.



The Facts:

  • Unpaid care saves the UK government £119 billion per year.
  • 45% of carers have to give up a paying job.
  • 61% are faced with depression due to caring 24/7 with no life of their own and no support.
  • 49% struggle to cope financially and live with the constant worry about money and their 'cared for' person.
  • 3 in 10 people, when surveyed, believe they will become carers but the reality is that 6 in 10 people become carers.


Photo Gallery:


Beautiful scenery of our Coast that we could see on days out together!